"I had the privilege of working with Cari for over a decade and her passion and dedication for helping animals is unparalleled.  She is a skilled and self-motivated person as evidenced by her Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner certification and many other educational pursuits.  She has a constant drive to always be learning and using her knowledge of proven scientific methods  to enhance the relationship between animals and their people.  She was a pioneer of sorts at our organization when she first introduced the concepts of positive training several years ago and it has been life-changing for the animals we serve.  Her methods put the animal’s unique needs at the forefront and shows how animals learn best when they are feeling comfortable and secure. The knowledge she’s imparted on staff,  adopters, and community members has helped countless animals and their families live happier, healthier lives together." 

- Joni Geiger, Executive Director, Oshkosh Area Humane Society 

"I have been fortunate to be able to partner with Cari on numerous canine and feline behavior cases. She provides thorough behavioral assessments to aid in formulating a proper medication plan and develops workable, effective behavior modification plans that compliment pharmaceutical behavior support. For any veterinarian looking for a behavior professional to provide the detailed behavior modification plan to compliment a medication regimen, I would highly recommend partnering with Cari. Together, we have been able to create comprehensive behavior management plans that set both the animal and the guardian up for success."
- Dr. Laura Beck, DVM, CVA
Shelter Veterinarian, Oshkosh Area Humane Society 
"I asked Cari for assistance to help my dogadjust when a friend moved into my house with her cat. Cari assessed the situation and we came up with a plan that took into consideration the materials we had at hand, the layout of the space, and our desired outcomes. She then talked us through training sessions that rewarded the dog for noticing the cat through a gate and then returning her attention to the trainer (me). Cari supported and encouraged us through this process, watching videos of our sessions and giving supportive feedback along the way. Training took about six weeks, and we are absolutely grateful that Cari helped us set the two animals up for success, as they have been living in harmony for almost two years!"
- Mary Manchester (Pickles and Fry)
"I cannot recommend Cari enough! we had a rocky start with our rescue. I despaired thinking we would have to immediately give the dog up. Cari helped us with positive reinforcement training , no harsh methods, no harm, no anger. Not only did she display such calm and patience, but she involved our kids in the training process too. I was so pleasantly surprised to find a trainer that made teaching a positive experience for us AND our dog. the last thing I wanted was to go through the misery of punative measures over and over in order to train our dog, and Cari showed us that you never need to go down that road. Start off on the right foot right away! you will have so much peace of mind. 5 stars!!"
- Nina Trepanier-Schmidt (Penny Lane)
"We have worked with Cari for a couple of years. When our first dog had aggression/mental health issues, she was a life saver in helping us with information and guidance. Later she was instrumental in connecting us with our current loves, Lady Bird and Mabel. The knowledge and compassion she has for animals was so incredibly helpful and has helped us to be better dog owners and make sure our animals have happy balanced lives. We highly recommend her services and every time we know someone who is adding a new furry friend to their family we say “Call Cari!”
- Samantha Pleshek (Lady Bird and Mabel)
"I worked with Cari for 3 years in her previous role as the Behavioral Department Manager at Oshkosh Area Humane Society and was consistently impressed with her skillsets working with both animals and people.
Cari excels at assessing the behavior needs of each animal and creating a realistic action plan using positive reinforcement based training techniques to address those needs.  Her training as a school teacher shows when she equips others with the necessary skills, then coaches and helps troubleshoot the action plan for each animal.  This exceptional combination of skills working both with animals and inspiring people to be their best provides a winning combination. 
I've personally seen Cari work with countless animals that other people had or would have given up on and saw those animals safely and successfully adopted out into the community.  I've also been with her as she objectively made the tough call and determined it would not be ethical for the animal or the community to release an animal from the shelter. 
Cari is realistic and empathetic when working with owners and potential adopters and has an amazing bedside manner even when confronted with challenging clients and situations. She looks at the family unit and the home as a holistic ecosystem and doesn't just try to "fix the dog" in isolation when there may be other beneficial changes.
Given her talents, connections in the animal behavioral health community and depth of experience with a variety of animal breeds, behaviors and family settings, Cari is arguably one of the most experienced and qualified animal trainers in the area and I highly recommend her to anyone with questions or specific animal behavior needs." 
- James Affeldt, Volunteer, Oshkosh Area Humane Society
"I’ve been involved with Cari Tetzlaff at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society for some time, and was part of a cat behavior class that Cari taught before Covid. I’ve also watched many of her positive-reinforcement training videos and have seen the positive effect she’s had on numerous animal behavioral issues. Cari is an extremely knowledgeable and talented behaviorist. She loves helping animals and the people who care for them. She is compassionate and caring...I highly recommend Cari if you’re looking for help with behavioral issues."
- Cathie Kissinger, Volunteer, Oshkosh Area Humane Society